2020 Future of Work Summit

“Why do you not let go of your old thoughts the way you get rid of your old stuff?”


Automation, workforce, artificial intelligence, agility, technological developments, changing competencies, meaning-oriented organizations…

Projects focusing on people, unlocking their potential, trying to make them simpler, lighter, and closer to their core, more fit and agile organizations, satisfied employees!

While we have been talking about the future of work for a long time, the future has already been regenerated!

The workforce of the future has begun to take its new shape today.

To embrace the future with our core values…

Right now is the right time! And why is that?

  • We have learned to live on and meet our basic needs without ever leaving home.
  • We have succeeded in combining both cooperation and solidarity to ensure the team spirit.
  • We have experienced getting together remotely without physical touch.

We have written the formulas for making quick decisions and taking immediate actions in a crisis.

Let’s take a look at the work of the future, our core habits and values in today’s routines!

Let’s forget what we know, clear our minds of our old thoughts and start over from the beginning!

Unlearn: Back to basics.

Catching up to the flow of the nature and the essence, Fow.Summit will be held on November 10-11.

Through a careful curation, it brings together experts, professionals, futurists, and speakers from different disciplines around the world by rewinding and fast-forwarding. Interpreting the flow of today by going through old examples, you will leave the event with actions to take.

In brief, Fow.Summit gains its nature back and brings ‘the future of work’ to the table this very day.